Thursday, November 17, 2011

Abstract on Ch. 10, Ronson & Thoughts on the Psychopath Test

In chapter 10, Ronson was invited to join a Scientology banquet. This banquet gave Ronson the chance to meet many people including Robert Spitzer. Spitzer was given the chance to become the editor the DSM-III. He was the person who started the whole banquet in the beginning. It was a chance for psychiatrists to yell out potential, new mental disorders and debate over them. Spitzer also shared a story from David Rosenhan. The story was how him and fellow friends faked being mental ill. This was to prove that psychiatrist can misdiagnose. The whole chapter wrapped around misdiagnosing and the effect that it can cause. In chapter 11, Ronson was able to talk to Tony again. Tony was eventually released to start his life over again.

The book was overall very good. Many of the chapters were very exciting and few were boring. I wonder how long it took Ronson to write this book and the process of publishing it. All of his stories were adventurous. He went all over the US and Europe to collect information for his book and because of  the first mystery Ronson solved. My favorite chapter would have been chapter 10 because it talked a lot of misdiagnosing. Throughout this whole book, I questioned if and how many times have people been misdiagnosed. Ronson was able to show that even though it was important to find the sick, this may have gotten out of hand. If I was to read this book again, I would like to mark the stories that seemed interesting to me.

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