Thursday, November 3, 2011

Abstract on Ch. 8, Ronson

In chapter 8, Ronson met up with a woman, Rachel North. In that time that they met up, Rachel shared with him her story. Rachel is a survivor of a July 7th terrorist attack in a subway tunnel in North London. Including her's, there were 4 total terrorist attacks that day. After this tragedy, Rachel began to blog about her experience. Other survivors followed her blog and soon enough they all created a grouping. They would meet up for drinks every month. Later on, Rachel found out that there were conspiracy theorists who believed the bombings never happened. They even concluded in their minds that Rachel was not even a real person but a group of men who worked for the government. She also found out that David Shayler, a former M15 spy, was the leader of the conspiracy theorists. Ronson then went into research about David and interviewed him. David Shayler believed the 7/7 bombings were part of a act that involved special effects and actors, also that 9/11 was a government attack. David had this hologram theory that the US government bombed the Twin Towers during the air plane attack. He officially became crazy when he announced to the world that he was the Messiah. David said he talked to God and was really the Messiah that God sent down.

Chapter 8 was a quite interesting story. I understood why Rachel god mad because I found myself getting mad also. People always believe what they want to and they'll create any time of story to prove that they're right. I also found that the best way to support my argument is not to get into an argument with others. When we do that, we find ourselves frustrated with how the world works. David had too much going on in his head. I was surprised that he wasn't locked up for being crazy. I believe that the terrorist attacks were real and that the government had nothing physical to do with the attacks. Conspiracy theorists need to find something better to do with their lives. When David called himself the Messiah, I was not happy at all. I stood behind David's old landlady. The Messiah cannot do the things that he did. I was glad to hear that he was a cross-dresser because it added more to his craziness. Chapter 9 had a good story about they sexual psychopath. I'm not sure if I have anything to say about this chapter though. I liked it but it dragged on too much. I did like it in the beginning when Ronson gave the concierge an excuse not to be a psychopath. That was very sweet of him. We really have to understand or try to relate to other people before we can judge who they are.

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