Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quoting & Citing - Art Programs

"Tourism is strong linked to art-art activities are believed to stimulate tourism in a community, and vice versa." (Riley, 2002, p.22)

Riley, K. (2002). Art: A recreation thing. Parks & Recreation, 37(7), 22-29.

This article consists of reasons why public art programs are good for the community and ways to increase art programs. The quote that I have chosen is a good representation of how public art programs can encourage children to continue to do what they like best. People, overall, work better if they receive appraisal.

"More recently, school music programs may have contributed to the perceived quality of public schools by virtue of the success of their school music groups in local, statewide, and national school music competitions." (Langbein, 2004, p.84)

Langbein, L. (2004). Public school music: Notes on the public provision of a quasi-private good. Public Choice, 121(1-2), 83-98.

This article is also a combination of a research. The author looks at how the community as a whole can benefit from public programs such as music. Music programs offer many types of settings and public goods. This quote shows how we can help our children expand their experiences in school. Music programs offer competitions, music festivals, and other musical events which children can attend.

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