Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gladwell - "Something Borrowed"

In this article, Gladwell talks about plagiarism . He starts off his discussion with comparing "Frozen", a Broadway play, to a book called "Guilty Reason of Insanity" by Dorothy Lewis. It was apparent that the play had plagiarized the book that Lewis wrote. After reviewing the play script, Lewis discovered that it also plagiarized a profile article done on her, it was written by Gladwell. Gladwell then went into words and how it belonged to people who had written them. He used the Beastie Boys as an example when they got sued for copying an intro from another song. Overall, plagiarism had certain standards to live up to to be considered plagiarized. It is hard to understand. Gladwell states that the game will continue. People will end up borrowing, not stealing, from others to create success in life.

I think that this article was really sad in a way. There wasn't any justice to plagiarism and no one really won or lost. There is a standard to plagiarizing someone else work and how long it must be to be considered. I don't like how everything was played out though. There was a big lying game in this sense and it became a chain. Honestly is a big issue in the world of success. I wish there could have been a better way for Lavery to get permission from Lewis. They could have brain stormed together to make a great Broadway play. It is important to not plagiarize because it is not original and your own. 

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